Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Butterflies

I thought I would post one more see-ya-winter post, but since Spring is the moment we've all been waiting for, why not just wait another day and welcome spring ? So here I am.  In Missouri, this is the cautiously optimistic time of year because we get glimpses of what is to come, and occasionally, we get winter rearing its ugly head again. Just for the record, Missouri, my vote is for no more snow. The sleet I took a walk in a few days ago seems like a good cap for winter so let's keep it at that. Signs of spring are everywhere though... Crocus are blooming, the Iris are starting to stand up, Robins are obnoxious at 3 am, and slowly but surely the grass is getting green. I switched out my door wreath so you know that it is definitely time for Spring.  Once I switch my table cloth, there is no going back.

I've been obsessing over a number of things lately. The list is as follows: Kindle Voyage, Jamberry, vacation, fitness. I'm pretty happy that these are the things that I am allowed to obsess over and there isn't anything more pressing or serious happening in life right now.  It's delightful and I hope it lasts.

I went to the Butterfly House with Shahla Wednesday and it was hot and wonderful.  I'm going to post some of the pictures because Facebook makes them not nearly as cool. I know I go over this every year, but I have to because it's awesome. March is special in the Butterfly House because they release thousands of Blue Morpho butterflies.  I always tell people that it's like nothing you've ever experienced before because it isn't.  I don't know whose idea it was to release a shit ton of big blue butterflies in March, but someone should make them a cake.  I imagine it going down like this, "Okay, it's the end of winter, everyone is sick of winter weather, and sales are down because of depression, what can we do people? Think!" and then Bobby stands up and he's like, "What if we take that big blue butterfly and hatch like a lot more of them?" "Like 200 more?" "Nope, I was thinking more like thousands of them".  So that's what they did.  You can constantly feel them as they fly by, and it feels pretty good because it's hot in there.  They hitch rides on you.  If it's a sunny day, it's warmer and the amount of flying is unreal.  I get excited when there are 6 butterflies in my yard so when I go to the butterfly house, I am way past kid on Christmas morning excitement.

So this pretty dark blue and yellow one is dead. I know. I probably shouldn't have told you. Heartbreaking.  But that Morpho up there is like, heyyy buddy, I see that you're dead so I'm gonna stomp on you a little bit. It's good to know that there are assholes in the butterfly world as well. 

I got a little obsessed with the glasswings.  The yellow hot poker antennae just sent me over the edge with the awesomeness. 

I'm also obsessed with this picture... the green and yellow and black. It's like chocolate cake for my eyeballs. 

So this is what the Blue Morpho looks like open... a lot of times when they land they close up so things won't eat them but sometimes you can catch them fluttering their wings. 

Ohhhh texture. 

I also enjoy all the flowers at the butterfly house. I feel like they took apart my brain and found all the things I love - heat, butterflies, flowers - and put them in a big glass dome. 


I don't want you guys to be jealous or anything, but I'm officially a junior entomologist.  I have a backpack onto which I sew patches. I take this backpack with me when I travel and I catch people looking at it so I feel like I need to represent my hometown with all the cool stuff it offers.  I have a zoo patch, a city museum patch, and I needed a butterfly house patch but I couldn't find one so Shahla asked and they whipped out this bin from behind the counter.  Yep. This is my life. I guess technically, I am 3rd grade and above. 

You know how I cook things and most of the time they look decent? Well the other day I had a cake disaster. I present to you, Jaba The Cake:

This was a Boston Cream Crepe Cake. It was delicious, and it was hideous.  I was in a hurry and assembled it and I didn't have a chance to chill it. I had to go so I stuck it in the trunk, drove to my sister's, and when I got there the entire thing kind of melted into that situation. At least it tasted good and provided plenty of laughs.

Go Cards!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beach Dreaming

February is always that month where I go insane because I can't take another possible moment of cold and I realize that I still have about two months left of it. So I start day dreaming of the beach. It gets to be an obsession. It carries me through the snowy days.  I also think about all the things I'm going to plant and I start planning what I will try to grow from seed, but mostly just about the ocean and all the things I'm going to find in it. My mom always says there are things in the ocean that will eat you... and I know there are, but MAN everything that doesn't eat you is gorgeous :).

It's cold. Get ready for a bunch of cold bird pictures.




All Cold. 



Cold, and skeptical Mocking Bird. 


Food Pictures. Sorry, I can't help it. I cook a lot. 
Avocados and scrambled eggs on toast. Delicious. 

I made homemade biscuits and sausage gravy for dinner. This is one of the few foods I inhale. I realize that it's not healthy, but I feel like I always have a pretty healthy breakfast and lunch so when dinner comes around I'm all in. If I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I definitely won't regret breakfast for dinner. 

Baked Fries and a crappy impression of a Fresco Melt. Both delicious though. 

Had some people over for Valentine's Day so I managed to narrow it down to three desserts (I know! Such a difficult decision). Chocolate covered strawberries, Chocolate Cake, and Cheesecake.

Valentine's Day Cloches.  Don't you just love paper and hot glue and felt and crap you find laying close to said cloches and just put it in there so you don't have to take it to its proper place in the house? Me too. 
Arch enemies:

Can we just talk about the scary feet on this squirrel? They all have them, but usually you don't see them because they are busting up your bird feeders from afar or sneakily digging into the neighbor's roof. Ew.
Here is a picture of my car as of late.  The engine is back together now, but what a pain in the ass. I'm so pissed at Mini I could scream. It is having problems that it shouldn't have until it reaches well over 100,000 miles and it has a little over 40,000.  If you're thinking about getting a little car, skip the Mini.  Go with something less expensive, more reliable and with a way better warranty. 

Breathe in Breathe Out. Moving on.  I did some online gardening. Isn't it beautiful? ha!

Just keep telling yourself that we're pretty close to spring and it won't be cold forever :).

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blueberry Fish

I had a thought that I need some blueberry muffins in my life. Not necessarily today, but definitely somewhere in the near future. But then my mind wandered and I wondered why I didn't have a blueberry bush.  Then I thought, "Well, I'll tell you why you don't have a blueberry bush; It's because you have a blackberry bush, a raspberry bush, and a grape vine and where in the hell do you think you are going to put a blueberry bush?" But THEN I remember that you can get a container blueberry bush to bring in in the winter. Thank you BrazelBerries. I might have to take you up on that. But then again, a blueberry bush is just a gateway fruit to a Meyer Lemon tree and am I really willing to take that next step? Um yes, of course.  

We took a trip to Cabelas and Bass Pro today because obviously they both have different things that Don needs. I agreed to go because he said he would stroll through the camping gear aisle with me. We haven't gone camping in forever, but that does not deter my obsession with camping gear.  Who doesn't love a Coleman LED lantern, collapsable bowls, expandable hot dog roasters, and sleeping bags? I think there is a part of me that always thinks the power will go out for exactly two days, and when it does? I will be prepared!

For dinner tonight I made fish tacos. They were delicious. Sauger breaded and fried in a panko, bread crumb, parmesan mix, tomatoes, avocados, lettuce, cilantro and a jalapeno cream sauce. It didn't put a dent in the fish in the freezer. I should really start making more fish dishes. 

Since I don't see too many people very often, I take pictures of animals. They usually don't care, or if they do, I don't care that they care :-D.   Here are a few pictures I've taken lately. 
I love this one because Don is in the background giving me the evil eye. 

I heard these two about a block away before I walked up on them.  That grey one was loud. 

I said, "Hey! What are you doing?" And they took the time out of their cat yelling day to look at me.

This picture was blurry, but I loved it. Mater didn't like the camera and Echo stood by while he checked it out. 

Could they get any cuter ? 

Look at those beautiful chompers. 

and that crinkly tongue. 
 I can never leave out the birds.

Here's a tree for good measure. The trees never care when I take a picture of them either. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Get Up Resolutions

New year, new start? Eh maybe.   I try not to put too much emphasis on the calendar turning every year, but looking back, Y2K was a blast!! Oh the chaotic possibilities that may have happened.  Nothing major happened, but MAN it was fun.  This year at midnight somewhere in the middle of my 33rd trip around the sun, I did not kiss my husband (not for lack of love, just for lack of proximity), and we were not drinking. We had a tame New Year's Eve at home with a few friends and it was wonderful. So my New Year's Resolutions are pretty much the same as every year. Be an awesome wife.  Blog more because you like both words, and typing. Take more pictures. Take all of the pictures. Laugh a lot.  Nurture friendships. Be patient and understanding. Get up and exercise. Bake and distribute desserts. Be helpful.  Go outside. Try not to sound like an inspirational poster.  Dammit. Well, you can't win them all.

I started a daily journal.  It isn't complex. I just put what I did during the day and then I put some things that I thought about during the day that I loved or was thankful for in my life. It's only the 11th of January and "a warm house on a cold day" has made its way to the list twice already without me realizing it.  Oh winter, how I dislike thee.

Hopefully this will be the first of many blog posts this year with a lot of fun pictures and somewhat interesting stories, but not too interesting. Wouldn't want things to get crazy.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas Trees!

Christmas is over so it's time for the Christmas Tree review! I took a lot of pictures of trees; I took some with my camera, some with my dad's camera, some with my sister's lens (which I'm convinced is magic) some with my phone. Some of them turned out great, some of them turned out blurry, but I loved them all! So without further ado, I present to you way too many trees.

I got a little bit fixated on my tree this year. It started off as a blue tree. Then it changed to a peacock tree and then I added butterflies so I'm not sure what that makes it.  A Whimsical, Blue, Spring Nature Tree? Sure, we'll call it that.

Here's Don's fishing tree. I didn't really finish it so what you see is what you get. It'll be better next year with bobbers and what not. I'm not sure he knows he has a fishing tree. 

Here's some of my other stuff, like a lantern full of balls (teehee).  I just noticed they are trying to bust out the side. Whoops .

Here's some garland around the doorway into the hallway. I liked how it looked even though it didn't have lights. 

Here's my wreath.  Last year it was awful. It had some ugly ornaments and a frayed bow so it was time to step it up.  Yay for Cardinals!

Next up, My friend Shahla's tree. Her tree is big. Maybe big isn't the right word - this thing is huge, monstrous, gargantuan. 

Her Mantle:

 Full size tree! Red, green and gorgeous.

Here's the front porch which is also ah-dor-ah-ble. I removed her address because this porch is stalk - worthy and welcoming. Now that I look at the blank address panel, it looks like it needs some crafty chalk letters on it. Moving on. 

My mom had up two trees that were just too cute for words. Okay, maybe not because I'm going to write words about them - but they were picture perfect! This is her Santa tree. Her blow mold tree topper has rosy cheeks. I had to zoom in on the sparkly ornaments and santa lights.  I loved everything about this tree. 

Here's her main tree.  Don said he wanted to eat it. I kind of agree. It looks like it belongs in a candy shop.

I think this will be my laptop wallpaper next year. Delicious:

Here is Clem and her tree; She was super excited that I was taking pictures of her: 

Here is Becky and Rich's Cardinals Tree. My hunt for Cardinals ornaments is on. It needs to be saturated in Cardinals cheer because this is Cardinal Nation!! I love those red feather spikes sticking out everywhere, don't you??  :)

Here is my mom-in-law's tree. It's covered with memories and ornaments made with love! 

Now for my sister's trees.  She has tree ADD so she has many trees and I'm pretty sure she works on them until she takes them down. 

This is my favorite of her trees this year. It's her flocked nature tree. Sticks and lanterns and birds and pinecones. It's like taking a walk through the woods during times long ago.  So pretty! 

Her Santa tree was the bane of her existence this year.  The lights kept going out in sections - nightmare! I still thought it looked good though.

Police Tree! Who knew that blue LEDs are really hard to photograph? I do now. The police line garland on this tree is just too cool and it's topped off with a sparkly cap.

My niece's bedroom has a tree and a really cute headboard. I don't think it could get any more girly.

Random tree. Cute topper. I'm really liking the sticky uppy toppers this year. 

Snowman Tree!!! I don't think this one was done, but it was still cute.

I seem to recall seeing a Kitchen Tree, but I don't remember taking pictures of it so maybe I completely missed it. Oops. So that's the trees... or the ones that I wanted to talk about. 

Now I want to talk about my dog. No not the little obnoxious one, MY dog. The adorable, lovable old man that is Oscar De. I noticed that I had a lot of pictures of him being lovey dovey during the holidays so I felt the need to share.  Here he is with my sister: 

Here he is texting with my niece:

Here he is with his dad:

Here he is with a different niece trying to convince her to share her whipped cream covered whisk.
 Here he is with a new bone on Christmas morning:

Last, but not least, here is some food. I made brunch for my family on Christmas. These cinnamon rolls are always delicious. 

So was this biscuits and gravy casserole.

Have a wonderful remainder of the holiday season!! 


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