Saturday, January 30, 2016

Zoo Baking

January is not even over yet and I've been to the zoo.  I'd call that a decent year so far.  The St. Louis Zoo is a magical place and the St. Louis Zoo in the winter, I'd argue, is an even more magical place. If you go on a cool day during the week, the crowds are low and the animals are probably having a good time.

The cutest Red Panda!

Ginger is 13 months old and soooo adorable.

She loved her tomato 

The new snow leopard is beautiful!

Takin, checking things out from up high:

This is how I feel about food too, swans.

January has not had a lack of baking so far.  Here are some lemon poppyseed muffins and truffles. The truffles are chocolate chip cookie dough, caramel brownie, and mint chocolate chip.  

And here is a bonus picture of a truffle because my nails are adorable right now.

There are the highlights of the end of January. Get your ass to the zoo and onward to February! ;) 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Freezing New Year

Happy New Year (so I'm a little late, so what?)! We had a pretty low key New Year's Eve that involved meatloaf and mashed potatoes, no alcohol and Jurassic World which we had not yet seen.  Don's brother came over and I did an obnoxious commentary through the whole movie for him (he'd already seen it 8 times, come on guys, I'm not a monster!). While I did enjoy the movie, it was just so frustrating because they never learn.  I guess it's a pretty good commentary on our society in general, but rest assured if they ever open a real Jurassic Park, I'm not going in because I have seen the movies.  The one exception might be if I make it to 90 and they open it. I feel like at 90 you might not have anything to lose and seeing dinosaurs or perhaps being eaten by one would be the thrill of a lifetime ;).  After that I got to thinking that the zoo holds some pretty badass predators and maybe I should change my stance on how much I love the zoo. We never learn.

My bread machine bit the dust. Despite popular opinion, there are people who use a bread machine, and these people usually use it a lot.  This was my second bread machine to bite it.  Thanks, Steph for your bread machine - it lived out its last years productively and went out in a blaze of glory (or it just sort of corroded until the metal gave out... but either way, awesome ;) ). So in the next week I'm going to go on a tour de Goodwill and find a new bread machine. I've found that most of the time you can find a new one for next to nothing because most people don't use them.

I think I did pretty decent for things I wanted to do in 2015. Write more, take pictures. Check.  I never imagined I'd go hiking the majority of the summer and see huge trees, beautiful waters and a lot of wonderful things the Northwest had to offer, but I was glad we took that leap and I'll never forget it. I think in 2016, I need to explore a little more what Missouri has to offer.  I'm going to have to renew my garden goals because I didn't really have a garden last year. I also made a resolution that I was going to be more decisive this year and Don made a resolution that he was going to shoot down all my decisions. I told him that he needed a resolution that would stand alone and not depend on my resolution, but he didn't update it. I'm not worried. He's indecisive.

Other resolutions:
-Never skip a photo opportunity with a bug
-Get rid of more stuff
-Keep the house clean-ish (I'm realistic enough to admit that the house will never be clean, but ish is good enough for us)
-Go Camping at least once and convince some other suckers to go with me

There's a spider living in one of my plants trying to eat the turtle.  It won't work though... no one has told him it's plastic.

We had our first snow! It didn't stick in South City but it was fun to watch it while it lasted.

It didn't get above freezing yesterday so I had a lot of birds hanging out at the feeders and the bird bath which has a warmer in it so the water doesn't freeze all the way.  This little guy wanted inside. He knows where it's warm. We're gonna have another cold day tomorrow. I'm ready for Spring now ;)

Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry December

It's December! What in the world happened to this month? I think I ask myself that every year.  It has been unseasonably warm. I think I saw three snowflakes so far so I refuse to believe it's really almost January. How do people in Florida get in the Christmas Spirit? According to Corona, they decorate palm trees with lights :).  So with a lack of Christmas spirit comes a lack of decorating.  We didn't even get lights on the house but I did put up some sort-of lights. I did a butterfly and bird tree this year, but mainly butterflies. I also did Don's fishing tree, but really it's my tree that I do in a Don theme because let's face it, Don loves to fish, but he does not like to look at decorative fish on a fake tree.

My butterfly tree is made up of a lot of Dollar Tree butterflies on floral wire, bulbs the color of the rainbow (I had to spray paint to get some orange, yellow and light green ones), paper butterflies I cut on the Cricut, pipe cleaners that I wrapped around a pencil to make spiral, curly ribbon, and some other junk.  I basically threw it all at the tree until it stuck.  The Butterfly on the top is made out of iridescent cellophane sandwiched between two monarch silhouettes that I cut on the Cricut. I had to keep adding things because it just wasn't rainbow-ey enough for me and now my husband thinks I'm crazy.  The a/c guy that came to the house took a picture of it though so I think I won back some sanity points. 

Update 12/26: Christmas was great, and exhausting. I slept in until 10 something which is unheard of, but sometimes you just need some sleep. Here are a few more pictures of trees and Christmas stuff: 

Food! I don't usually follow a procedure regarding Christmas food, I make what I feel like making and this year it was Andes Mint Cake: 

For the last several years, I've been taking breakfast to my sister's on Christmas morning.  The stuff I make changes, but the cinnamon rolls are always a constant. I'd put cinnamon rolls in my favorite food category along with bbq chicken and biscuits and gravy.

My sister's trees looked great again this year and she made a vintage santa wreath which was pretty incredible. 

Santa Tree:

Woodland Tree:

Vintage Santa Wreath: 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Casper Monarch

Oh Halloween, you always come and go so fast.  I had a good time at the party and I think other people did too, but I was slacking something fierce this year.  I didn't put my lab up or most of the decorations, but I did make / put up a few.

I actually baked my pumpkin seeds this year. This is before they went in the oven in all their slimy glory.

I'm having a little bit of trouble adjusting to -what would you call it? - life.  It's weird having places to go, a schedule, and people to see. I love having all that, but four months without it really put a wrench in things :).  I am having trouble with the schedule part most of all but I'm getting better. I'm back to sleeping not so great, and that makes it really hard to wake up in the morning but we got a different mattress so I'm hoping that will help.  The mattress came in a box - it's a Casper mattress and I've read good things so we'll see how it goes :). 

It's good to be back where I can dig in the dirt and mess with my plants.  Pro Tip: Don't leave your garden and yard all summer, it doesn't fare very well. My succulents did pretty well though... 

I dug out my Canna and Elephant Ear bulbs yesterday, and man was that a job.  I think next year I'm planting them in pots in hopes that they won't make 80 more bulbs.


After.  They are currently downstairs to continuing drying out until I can wrap them in some newspaper where they will wait until spring.

I had a visitor who let his wings dry out for 1.5 days until he was ready to go. I wish him well on his journey. He sure did make some pretty pictures.

I still need to rip out all the zinnias in the garden and the volunteer scraggly tomatoes, but that should be pretty easy. I'm starting to get sad that the growing season is gone, but it'll be nice seeing family over the holidays. I have a lot of catching up to do :) 


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