Monday, October 6, 2014

Soaking Up Fall

I realize it's only October 6th, but every year around this time I go into a fall frenzy. I buy pumpkins until there are no more steps or corners to place them, and I slowly break out the Halloween.  I've eaten a Great Pumpkin at Ted Drewes, and I've been to Eckert's to pick pumpkins and apples.  I've yet to bake anything with pumpkin in it, but I've definitely purchased candy apples and eaten pumpkin spice bagels. When the weather started getting cooler, I ripped out the not-doing-so-hot summer flowers from the flower box.  My sister came by with corn stalks and mums and being the porchnista that she is, whirled around the front yard until things looked pretty awesome.  

For some reason, I have a lot of bags of spanish moss. It may or may not because I'm a craft supplies hoarder and I will definitely use it all someday.  Well, that day has come!   I put the moss under the Kale and put out some fake pumpkins and I think it came together nicely.

Here is the front door.  Notice the sprawled out corn stalks on the right.  I have a bit of a squirrel problem and for some reason, they think they can climb anything they want and steal corn from anywhere they want. Grrrrr.  Today, a mom and her two kids walked by and the mom said, "ohhhhh, they have a lot of pumpkin stuff out, pretty!" I was on the side of the house, it made me smile. It's not easy turning this ugly duckling porch into some sort of swan.

Here is a bonus fall hutch.  The black fuzzy thing in the tree on the right is a dollar store owl. You're just gonna have to trust me that it's really cute. I grew the two tiny pumpkins (aren't they adorable?). I made the owl tray in the middle and the red candle is apple cider scented and I want to eat it.  Pretty soon this will all be a bit more Halloweeny.

Here are a few more Fall goodness pics. Warty Pumpkin: 

This is my favorite Zinnia. It's every shade of pink and I love it. I still have Monarchs everyday and I'm still taking way too many pictures of them so I will spare you today, but maybe not tomorrow.

Here is a bee and a fly on some Fennel.

Sometimes, all that fall can be exhausting. I saw this guy at the apple orchard using a small pumpkin as a pillow. I have to say, I was a little jealous because I was definitely ready for a nap as well.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ending Summer with a bang!

Today was the first day of fall. It's bittersweet. I say goodbye to my favorite season and hello to my 2nd favorite season with my 1st favorite holiday.  I ripped the summer banner off of the mantle with flair.  Pretty soon it will be replaced with something Halloweenish. Here are a few pictures I took with my dad's camera of the butterfly party that occurred daily in the yard for a few weeks. I'm hoping next year everything will bloom at normal times since it will be the second year for most of it and I'll get the Monarchs for a little longer.

This guy was a little rough looking, but I still thought he was beautiful. 

I liked the brick in the background

Bumble Bee! 

Bonus Humming Bird Silhouette
For the last week of summer, we went on vacation to Cape San Blas.  It was our second time visiting Cape and our weather wasn't as great this time but we had just as much fun. We travel with our little group of friends that changes slightly from year to year, but it's always filled with fun people.  We only had one clear night, but it was just as magical as I can remember from our first trip. You can see the Milky Way and every star. You can look up for five minutes and expect to see some shooting stars. I can't imagine being there during a meteor shower, but maybe sometime if the stars align (haha) it'll happen. The sky alone is worth the trip, but staying with friends on the beach for a week, cooking, drinking, and laughing is definitely a bonus. Here are some (a lot) pictures I deemed worthy of posting, but it was hard to narrow it down to just these. 

I got this shirt for Don and I was very excited he wore it to kick off vacation.

The path to the beach from the house

Our Group

We take our vacations very seriously.  We all had matching vacation bracelets that Becky made for us! 

We do a lot of chair sitting and drinking in the ocean. Sometimes it goes wrong and those moments are priceless. 

I just liked this picture of Shahla in the waves. 

The house had a hot tub, it came with this frog. Meet hot tub frog. 

hot tub frog being fabulous, which he was, on occasion. 

If you are too hot for the hot tub, you can climb in the hammock with your friend. 

Sunsets = beautiful

I know this same seagull was not in all of our pictures, but I like to think that it was the same one, and he was there to haunt Amy with her bird fear. 

 Becky, jumping on the beach

Tom, frolicking on the beach 

 Fish Catching Celebration

Handstand on the beach or something like one. 

I love this picture.  That fish is so gross and he has all the attention. 

Ocean selfie. Sorry for that ocean drop on your face, Becky! 

 Dolphin Thursday!

haha. It never gets old. 

 Sometimes you need a nap after lunch

 These were SO COOL. You could hear their little feet tapping along the ground.

Tom was a horseshoe crab hunter. 

 One of our last days.

 There were a lot of butterfly wings on the beach. Sad, but pretty.

I'm leaving this small because it wasn't as clear as I wanted it to be probably because I wasn't as sober as I should have been when getting that close to a jellyfish. These Jellies were everywhere, but weren't really into stinging anyone. 

 We had an outdoor shower to wash sand off. Here is Tom sneaking his feet in.

Here is Rich taking a picture over the shower. I can't quite remember why I'm making that face. 

 This is a bald eagle we watched for a little bit. He kept coming back and picking up a fish.

Here is said Eagle fish. Yikes. 

 Here is a green wasp. It was so cool!

 These crabs had all the coolest blues on their legs.

Here is our last picture before we left the house. As you can see we aren't nearly as happy as the first picture. 

So that was vacation. It was a great time and I'm glad I got one last week of warmth before coming back to fall :) 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Golden Success!

Early this year I decided to plant a butterfly garden so I could attract some beautiful creatures to our yard. I planted some milkweed by the a/c next to the house. When it was about yay high (just imagine a plant that has grown to a reasonable size) Don decided to weed wack for the first (and only) time this year. I was semi devastated, but I stayed calm and just planted more.  Last week, they started blooming:

Today, while watering, I noticed that they were looking a little raggedy. No. What? It couldn't be! But it was! Success comes in many different forms.  Today, success was finding this little guy chomping on a plant whose seed was put into the ground, watered, and grown specifically for him. I was super excited.

Other things blooming that aren't as exciting but still beautiful: 

 Teddy Bear Sunflower :


This is my volunteer tomato in the flower box. I don't know where it came from or what kind it is but it sort of looks like grape tomatoes. I guess time will tell :) 

This is a dark chili chocolate bar from Aldi. They come in a pack of four. They are delicious. Every time I open one I feel like busting into song; I've got a golden ticket!!!  The wrapper has some gold on it and it makes a lot of crunchy fun foil noise when you open it and it reminds me of Charlie opening his chocolate. It makes me smile. 


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