Sunday, June 28, 2015

Love and Kites

My hat's off to you, Supreme Court. Sometimes people need a nudge in the right direction (as history points out).  There are still a million things wrong with this country, but now there is one less thing wrong it.

I went to a celebration downtown. There was no hate. I take that back. There was one man there hating on behalf of God.  Everyone was nice to him just for the record... because they are decent human beings.  #lovewins

These men were loving and understanding and I'm sure, making God proud.

There were lots of happy children at the rally.

 And there was me.

Saturday we went to the Lincoln City Kite Festival, which was kind of a bust due to not enough wind, but we did stick our feet into the cold cold cold Pacific Ocean and saw some fun oceanside sights. 
 Poor no-wind beached whale:
 The spooky ocean mist made everything look awesome.
 Lots of burying of people in the sand.
 Stick Marie, chillin' in the sand:

Whoops. Don't worry, he was okay.

This was the smallest river, then it wasn't, now it might be again... fickle rivers.
 Katie and Marie running through the maybe smallest river.

 Neeeeed more wind!!!!
 They got the whale kite off the ground for about a minute.
 I still can't figure out what kind of dog this is but I'm guessing mostly Boston Terrier.
 This kite reminded me of the Death Eaters on Harry Potter. Can I get one to fly over my house on Halloween?

 This car reminded me of a scene in Harry Potter as well... I'm not sure why I had so much Harry Potter on my mind. Maybe it's time for a summer marathon :)
 There were no Poodles in the building, but there was a gorgeous Husky.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stumpy Food Carts

I look around on Pinterest a lot to find places I'd like to go in Portland, or around it.  There are titles like "24 hours in Portland" and the blogger has at least 10 destinations each day.  What? I'm not a good tourist. If we go on a hike that is supposed to take two hours it takes us 4-5 hours. We stop and look at everything, we breathe it in, we discuss, we follow birds and bugs. I take a million pictures. It's a good thing I have four months.

It's really hard for me to get acquainted with how close everything is here. Every time I look at a map it looks like everything is about the distance away that St. Charles is from St. Louis, but instead it's a 10 minute car ride.  I biked downtown and it took me about twenty minutes to get there.  Once I was there, I was so overwhelmed by everything I only took about 15 pictures. What? Me? Only 15 pictures? I realize the mistake of my ways and I will be taking more pictures as soon as I decide to get back down there. On the way back home from downtown, I inadvertently got caught up in a protest bike ride for a little bit.  I was following the Tank of Doom. I talked to a protester about the evils of oil. I felt bad for the guy hauling the tank; It didn't look too easy, but I guess saving the environment never is.  This isn't my picture, but it's from the link above:

This is Pioneer Square, also known as Portland's Living Room. People eat lunch on the stairs,  and hang out while kids chase pigeons.

 Ol' stump toe McGee:

I hear there is a rule here that if there is a public fountain, you can play in it. There are fountains everywhere.  There's a really cool one downtown that I want to go see, but I might have to wear some sandals.

I found a gathering of food carts. SO many options so close together which is no good for my indecisive self.

I decided to go with soup because, well, I love soup.  I got tortilla soup and a root beer from Savor Soup House and I do not regret it. So good.

On the way back, I had to stop and take pictures of the hitch hiker on the front of this paddle board.

 And these boats bumming a ride off that front one. I have no clue what was going on here... I think some of the boats were empty and there were kids in the back ones giggling and screaming.


This guy was coming in for a landing to eat some deliciously nasty fish:

Last week I walked to the South Waterfront area. I never really know where I am or what I'm doing, but I ran into a farmer's market and I bought the dogs two nasty bones. Of course, they loved them.

Things that I find odd: 

  • It's still glowing outside at 10:00 when we go to bed. 
  • Pumping your own gas is against the law. 
  • I'm loving the 90 degree weather but everyone else is miserable. 
  • There are kindergarten field trips that hike up mountains with insanely steep drops and no rails (I also find this kind of cool...way to encourage exercise and responsibility, Portland). 
  • I don't need to mow, but I definitely need to sweep leaves every week. 
  • It is rare to see houses because everyone grows trees and shrubs to hide them. 
There's a lot more that I find odd, but that's what I've got for now.  We're going to the beach this weekend so I'm sure I'll have some more pictures to show you soon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rose & Japanese Gardens on top of the World!

This past weekend we went to the International Rose Test Garden.  I've never been surrounded by so many beautiful roses and good smells.  It was free to get in and I really wanted to go in June since the roses are at their peak of blooming.  The sun was shining bright and I was having trouble getting really good pictures of the bright red roses, but I still had fun trying to take the pictures :).

The purple in this picture didn't quite capture the purple of the rose. I'd never seen a non-dyed purple rose so it was pretty exciting.

Roses that looked like carnations:

There was a woman playing harp as you walked around which was pretty relaxing.

I'm still not used to seeing mountains at every turn.

Loved the color on these:

My favorite roses were the big white puffy ones.  Sometimes I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland and people were going to come paint the roses red. Then, off with her head... gotta watch your back around these parts ;). 

 The park had Pay to Park which is pretty cool - you can pay with your phone. I think they have these in St. Louis, but I don't think they are as easy to use.  By the way, this bird did not pay to park.

After the roses, we hopped over to the Japanese Garden.  I loved the gnarly trees throughout the garden, and of course I love the Koi as well.

The river here is low or high based on the tides. The other day it got so low we got to climb on the rock. Of course, we made the dogs go with us and Oscar was a surprisingly good rock climber for being an old man. 

Here is the rock when the water is high orrr normal: 
Here is the rock at low tide: 

On top of the rock:

Oscar is loving life:


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